Personal Training


All the benefits of our small group training, in an intimate one to one setting.

Before anyone begins training here, we provide a one on one movement assessment, to assess your starting point, and see if there are any limitations you may have.
From there we can design your individualised training program, based on what we've seen.
This one to one assessment will give you a feel for the gym and how we do things here.

Everyone has their own journey and starting point, and that's something we take to heart.
We believe that consistent and measured progress will give you the results and lifestyle you deserve.
It's not about a quick blitz changing everything in your life at once.
We believe in building a lifestyle with you that still means you can go out on a weekend, have a bit of chocolate, have a drink, and all the things you enjoy, without an overwhelming feeling of guilt for not being perfect.


Want to know if it's the right fit for you?

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